Lorem Ipsum Safari Extension

Insert Lorem Ipsum context menus

Lorem Ipsum extension adds context menus to generate and insert Lorem Ipsum texts easy into your forms.

It provides two basic options “Insert Lorem Ipsum” inserts Lorem Ipsum immediately based on your Extension settings and “Insert Lorem Ipsum...” allows you to change default settings before the text is inserted in to the textfield or textarea.

You can set default settings for the “Insert Lorem Ipsum” context menu in the settings separately for the textfield and textarea. Settings is also pre-filled in the settings bar when invoking “Insert Lorem Ipsum...” command.


Nexxar Report Reader

iPad annual report reader application combining power of native iOS development with HTML5 for Nexxar.

Moving On from BT

iPhone version of the BT Moving On website for Fry-IT.

Coaching for Life for iPhone

iPhone version of the BT Coaching for Life games website for Fry-IT.

SnapExpense for iPhone

iPhone client for the on-line expense tracking SnapExpense for Fry-IT.


I love Ruby, Objective-C, HTML5, JavaScript and Photography. Using these on the mobile devices makes it even more interesting!

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