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Insert Lorem Ipsum
Inserts Lorem Ipsum based on your Extension settings. The Lorem Ipsum is generated and immediately filled in the textfield or textarea you right clicked.
Insert Lorem Ipsum...
Inserts Lorem Ipsum allowing you to change default settings before the text is inserted into the textfield or textarea. This context menu shows the extension bar at the top of the window where you can change settings for the insertion.

Extension settings

You can set default settings for the “Insert Lorem Ipsum” context menu in the settings separately for the textfield and textarea. Settings is also pre-filled in the extension bar when invoking “Insert Lorem Ipsum...” command. Extension settings

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1.2 (21st Sep 2010)

  • Changed bundle identifier to make the safari extension bundles consistent. Please uninstall the 1.0 or 1.1 versions.

1.1 (15th Sep 2010)

  • Removed confusing “Generate Lorem Ipsum” command from context menus.

1.0 (14th Sep 2010)

  • Initial release.