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Reload every (5s, 10s, ...)
Sets a tab to be reloaded in the specified interval. You can set as many tabs to be reloaded at one interval (5s for example). Once the interval times out all the tabs to be reloaded in that interval are reloaded at once.
Reload on focus
You can set a tab to be reloaded automatically when it gets focus. Every time you witch to the tab or switch to Safari from the other application the tab will be reloaded. Keep in mind that the focus event is triggered quite often - switch between tabs/windows, any dialog (setting, alerts, ...) as well.
This works well for example when you're developing. You can just switch from editor to Safari and your tab will be reloaded.
Stop reloading every (5s, 10s, ...)
When you set a tab to be reloaded context menu options change. You'll have only one option “Stop reloading...” to cancel reloading of that particular tab.

Extension settings

Repete currently doesn't have any settings.

To be done

Reload every...
Add context menu and extension bar to customize interval for reloading the tab.
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If you want contribute or fix a bug fork me on GitHub. Any issues please report to GitHub Issues.


1.1, 1.2, 1.3 (23rd Sep 2010)

  • Don't mess with the build-in prototypes.
  • Added extension icon.
  • Rewrite to be better JavaScript citizen.

1.0 (21st Sep 2010)

  • Initial release.